Robotic Vaccuum Cleaner & Mopping

India's 1st Wi-Fi Enabled, Anion Generating, Full Wet Mopping and Dry Cleaning Floor Vacuuming Robot with a Water Tank & World's Large Smart Mop, Powerful 45W Suction, Dual Suction Power Control, 3500 Sq Ft Cleaning Area on a single charge, Wheel Movement Sensor Control, Extra thick - Anti Slippage - Doorsill Crossing Wheels , Cool Water Washable HEPA Filter, Consumer Replaceable Battery

India's 1st Wi-Fi Enabled Floor Cleaning Robot. AguaBot 5.0's Wi-Fi works upto 150 ft in ideal conditions, connects upto 3 devices. AguaBot 5.0 generates millions of negative ions to effectively help to freshen and purify the air quality by eliminating most tiny floating particles. Negative ions neutralize pollutants & positively affect health. They Improve Metabolism, Strengthen the Immune system, Prevent Respiratory Disorders, Reduce Stress, Improve Oxygen in Bloodstream, Improve Mood, Help in SeasonaL Affective Disorder (SAD). India's 1st Full Wet Mopping and Dry Cleaning Floor Vacuuming Robot Comes with a Water Tank & World's Largest Smart Mop Attachment in a Robot


Created by: DROID#
Completed: 30th March, 2015.
Skills: Embedded Technologies

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