Attach joD to Anything You Don’t Want Lose Why have to spend time in searching the things? Our technology ensuring you never lost anything.

Just attach, stick or drop joD into any item you might lose often. Our joD work best when you have misplaced your items.

When joD is in range of your mobile’s Bluetooth range(100 to 130 feet) the app indicate how you are close to your item.

When your valuable things goes out of range you will get alert in your mobile if you attach joD with your item.

You can stick or attach with keys, laptop, wallet, Id card, hand bag, jewel box, even you can use as locket for children.

Product: joD
Created by: DROID#
Completed: 30th March, 2015.
Skills: Embedded Technologies

JoD application allows you to easily track your lost items so you can always stay connected with your most beloved things.

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