Transportation Management ERP - VEE VEE TRAVELS

While agencies provide the day-to-day travel services to corporate clients, they are the implementing arm of what the corporation has negotiated and put forth in policy.

In other words, CTM decides on the class of service which employees are allowed to fly, negotiates corporate fares

Intimation of various other things like, license renewal reminders, FC reminders, alerts, notifications, workflow, configurable at PO level bill processing, accounts management, HR & Payroll management, along, with the integrated GPS based vehicle tracking system implemented for trip sheet data with driver attendance & work assignment modules in place.

Product: Transportation Management ERP
Created by: DROID#
Completed: 30th March, 2015.
Skills: Embedded Technologies

Handles all possible self configurable Transportation based on Day rent, Freezed KM, Extra Kilometer, Running KM, Hour & Extra hour.

Transportation Management ERP - VEE VEE TRAVELS DROID#
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